Electronics is an internationally renowned group forming part of DTU Elektro on the cutting edge of research and education in Electrical Engineering.

The staff at the Electronics group currently includes postdocs who participate in the research.

Below you find  a list of some of the postdoc projects conducted in the Electronics Group:


Dennis Øland Larsen

AC-DC and DC-DC switched capacitor power converters for 1-100 W power levels.

To be completed in 2020.


Pere Llimós Muntal

Custom integrated circuit design for portable ultrasound systems / Integrated low-power switch-capacitor circuits

Completed in 2018.


Prasanth Thummala

High efficiency and high power density switch-mode power supply

Completed: 2018.


Maria del Carmen Mira Albert

Smart charger - next generation of efficient and smart power converters for mobility and electrolysis

Completed: 2018.


Bin Zhao

High Power Density and High Efficiency SMPS for Adaptor Applications

Completed 2018.


T-Gaberiel Zsuzsan

Swept-source sampling prototype

Completed: 2016.


Thomas Andersen

Nordic Power Converter

Completed: 2014.


Ziwei Ouyang

Integrated magnetics for high power density, high efficiency power converters

Completed: 2013.