At the DTU PhD celebration reception 30 October Mickey Madsen got the “Best PhD Dissertation of the Year Award 2015"

Sunday 08 Nov 15


Michael Andreas Esbern Andersen
Professor, Head of Electronics Section
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 36 01
PhD of the year is Mickey Madsen from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering for his thesis entitled: “Very high frequency switch-mode power supplies”

Electrical appliances and units are becoming a more important part of daily life, few people can imagine just one single day without e.g. telephones, computers, electrical light, or washing machines etc. At the same time portability and energy efficiency are two of the very main issues of our society. That creates an enormous demand for small compact power supplies with high efficiency which can feed these electronic appliances.


Mickey Madsen’s PhD project is on a new innovative technology which can meet with this very requirement. By combining technologies normally used for RF applications with the principles from normal power electronics, a new type of power supplies can be made. These power supplies can be made significantly smaller and lighter than the traditional solutions without compromising on efficiency, service life, or costs.


Mickey defended his PhD dissertation “Very high frequency switch-mode power supplies” on 26 August 2015, and the PhD study was made as a project together with the Innovation Fund Denmark. Furthermore, Mickey became acquainted with one of the world’s best research environments when being on his external stay at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Through his enthusiasm, intelligence, and extraordinary problem solving Mickey has constantly pushed the furtherance of the research.


Mickey has throughout the project been working with a frequent change of theoretical derivations, syntheses, simulations, and experimental verification in the laboratory. This has been leading to a very great number of prototypes – all of them being part of showing the potential of this new technology.


By achieving an extraordinary effort via new innovative solutions Mickey has succeeded in achieving some remarkable results. They are leading towards something that could be no less than a small revolution within power supplies.


As co-supervisor for 12 student projects Mickey has been capable of passing along the new knowledge within the research area and through his tremendous work as co-supervisor on these projects Mickey became a significant research and innovation role model to other students.


Mickey has started a spin-off company - Nordic Power Converters - to commercialize the inventions made during his PhD studies. The business has won several prizes both nationally and internationally and it has been successful in attracting capital of DKK13 million, as well as securing the first sale of 50,000 units.


Today there are 13 full-time employees and an ambitious growth plan to expand this number to approx.30 within the end of 2016.


All of this shows clearly that Mickey is not only capable of making in-depth research with innovative solutions resulting in inventions but he is also able to put the research into context and bring it into – and to the benefit of – the society.


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