The Electronics Group puts special pride into linking theory and modelling with experimental testing & validation. The result is a highly innovative environment educating engineering students at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels.

The Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering teaches numerous courses in basic and advanced power electronics for undergraduate students of different profiles and with different majors. 

The courses are tailored, so that you aquire basic knowledge, and a solid foundation is built in the starting courses. Your qualifications are subsequently improved and elevated to a higher level in the more advanced courses. The latter courses comprise both theoretical work and lab hands-on work, where the calculated designs may be realized in circuits.  

The Electronics Group also offers many interesting special courses for 2.5-15 ECTS points, as well as midway or final BSc and MSc courses. The students are welcome to use the facilities and advanced equipment/labs to carry out their projects. They are also very welcome to ask our experienced staff for help and assistance.