Solar Tree (Photo: DTU Elektro)


Our extensive expertise in solving energy efficiency related problems and presenting innovative solutions is what makes the Electronics Group an essential part of numerous research collaboration projects with industry.

In our research we provide unique and innovative solutions to our collaborating partners and to the Danish society:

  • Numerous scientific papers in international journals and conferences
  • 18 inventions since year 2000 
  • 4 start-up companies
We collaborate with industry on all:
  • Research projects (PhD etc.)
  • Student thesis projects (BEng, BSc, and MSc)

Strategic research goals
Our strategy is to research into even higher efficiency and higher power density power electronics that will meet the requirements and challenges of the future. A new area that we will dig into is radio frequency switch-mode power supplies, where there are new possibilities for increasing the power density. Expanding the number of staff, partnering up with leading international universities having complimentary competences, as well as establishing formalized centre collaboration with key partners are means that will enable us to meet our strategic research goals