Nordic power converter

Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) have been around since the early days of electricity and are the link between your power source (e.g. mains) and your electrical device (e.g. laptop). It is undesirable - however unavoidable at the same time. Therefore, the size of the SMPS is everything – smaller size also leads to lower prices. Frequency is one of the keys to shrink the SMPS. Nordic Power Converter aims at 50Mhz – x10 more than conventional SMPS

Reaching switching frequencies in the VHF ranges does not come easy and without a price. New SMPS topologies have been invented to reduce the switching losses.

The art of PCB layout is crucial and instead of reducing parasitic effects, these are utilized as an integrated part of the converter. The outcome is a miniature SMPS with few components, high reliability and low cost.

The future will bring the technology further towards smaller SMPS. The next part of the Nordic Power Converters' journey will focus on EMI for VHF converters.

Completed: 2014.