Custom integrated circuit design for portable ultrasound systems / Integrated low-power switch-capacitor circuits


In the last decade portable ultrasound scanners have been emerging due to their potential of solving some of the main issues of traditional static ultrasound scanners such as size, transportability, and cost.

However, portable ultrasound scanners have very strict design limitations regarding size, power consumption, and power dissipation.

As a result, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are required to maximize the area and power efficiency of the electronics of the scanner.


This project aims at the design of integrated circuits for the transmitting and receiving circuitry of portable ultrasound scanners.

The transmitting circuitry drives the ultrasonic transducer with high-voltage signals, therefore, it needs to be implemented in a high-voltage process.

The low-voltage receiving circuitry amplifies, delays, and digitizes the signals received from the transducer.

Both the transmitting and receiving circuitry need to be small and power efficient to meet the scanner requirements.


The integrated implementation of such circuitry will open the possibility of portable ultrasound scanners with comparable performance to the traditional static scanners.

Completed: 2018.