Completed PhD projects

Here you can find an overview of the PhD projects which have been completed at the Electronics Group since 2009 up till today.

Next generation of efficient and smart power converters for mobility and electrolysis

By Kasper Lüthje Jørgensen. Completed 2020.


Miniaturized power factor correction in Solid State lightning applications

By Frederik M. Spliid. Completed 2020.


Integrated very high frequency rectifier with on-chip control and load failure protection features

By J. Christian Hertel. Completed: 2019.


DC-DC converters for use of Li-Ion batteries in hearing aids

By Dennis Øland Larsen. Completed 2018.


Photovoltaic-battery modular power converter for local energy storage

By Kevin Tomas Mañez. Completed 2018.



By Norjasmi bin Abdul Rahman.


High frequency switch-mode audio-amplifiers

By Niels Elkjær Iversen. Completed 2018.

Miniaturization of high switching frequency power converters

By Yasser Nour. Completed 2018.


Integrated off line power converter using piezo elements

By Lin Fan. Completed 2018.


Integrated grid connected rectifier with power management functionality

By Jens Pejtersen.


Galvanic isolated off line Very High Frequency switch mode power supplies

By Jeppe Arensdorf Pedersen. Completed 2017.


Custom integrated circuit design for ultrasound CMUT array intended for a handheld scanner

By Pere Llimós Muntal. Completed 2017


Control and sensor techniques for PAD servo motor control

By Tiberiu-Gabriel Zsurzsan. Completed: 2016.


Multi-port bidirectional current controlled power supply

By Maria del Carmen Mira Albert. Completed 2016.


Single phase PFC converter using wide bandgap devices

By Juan Carlos Hernändez Botella. Completed 2016.


Non-magnetic driver for piezo actuators

By Marzieh Ekthiari. Completed 2016.


PV inverter and control

By J. Alexander Anthon. Completed 2015.


Low power high dynamic range AD conversion channel

By Niels Marker-Villumsen Comppleted: 2015.


Very high frequency switch-mode power supplies

By Mickey P. Madsen. Completed 2015.


Switch-mode power amplifiers for current controlled loudspeaker

By Henrik Schneider. Completed: 2015.


High performance solar array simulator

By Khiem Nguyen-Duy. Completed: 2015.


Radio frequency switch-mode power supplies

By Milovan Kovačević. Completed: 2015.


High efficiency reversible fuel cell power converter

By Riccardo Pittini. Completed: 2015.


Low power DEAP actuator drive for heating valves

By Lina Huang. Completed: 2015.


High power DEAP actuator drive for wind turbine flaps

By Prasanth Thummala. Completed: 2015.


Class-D amplifiers for DEAP loudspeakers

By Dennis Nielsen. Completed: 2015.


Design of digital audio Class-D output-stage with feedback with emphasis on hearing-aid application

By Peter Pracny. Completed 2013.


Control and sensor techniques for PAD servo motor control

By Martin Schøler Rødgaard. Completed: 2013.


Flexible power module for fuel cell hybrid power system in a forklift

By Gökhan Sen. Completed: 2012.


Piezoelectric transformer based power supply for DEAP

By Thomas Andersen. Completed: 2012.


High efficient power factor correction (PFC) frontend for Class-D amplifiers

By Qingan Li. Completed: 2012.


Energy optimized photovoltaic module

By Reshmi C. Variath


Innovative magnetic-less high power density switch-mode power supplies based on piezoelectric transformers

By Kaspar S. Meyer


Advances in planar and integrated magnetics

By Ziwei Ouyang. Completed: 2011.


Ultra-fast tracking power converters for RF power amplifiers

By Mikkel C.W. Høyerby. Completed: 2010.


Modular power electronic converters with galvanic isolation in the power range 1 to 10kW

By Morten Nymand. Completed: 2010.


Improvement of out-of-band behavior in switch mode audio power amplifiers and power supplies by their modulation topology

By Arnold Knott. Completed: 2010.


Powering the future data centre

By Zhe Zhang. Completed: 2010.


New technology-driven approaches in the design of preamplifiers for condenser microphones

By Jelena C. Haas-Christensen. Completed: 2009.



Guest Students

On-chip Power Supplies (in collaboration with IBM Zurich)

By Toke M. Andersen. Completed: 2015.

Power Electronic Systems at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland