Venture Cup Idea Competition first prize

Tuesday 14 Feb 12

The Venture Cup Idea Competition first prize within the "Cleantech & Envirionment" category has been given to Kristian Lindberg-Poulsen for his work within ultra-high efficiency converters for fuel cell applications.

The idea is to increase the efficiency of the so called power converters to be used in fuel cells in vehicles. Through his start-up company, CoolStep, Kristian has developed a strategy which will bring the technology closer to a commercial break-through.

Kristian and his colleagues from DTU Elektro, Ziwei Ouyang and Michael Andersen, all  strive for a future where our cars drive thanks to fuel cells instead of petrol. Fuel cells is a technology which has been on its way for decades and much effort has been put into one of the main issues: an acceptable price level. Coolstep has recently developed a converter unit which can be used for fuel cells and which will make it cheaper to produce more environment friendly vehicles.

You can read more about Venture Cup here:

Kristian is now a research assistant in our Electronics group  working on Proof-of-Concept project dealing within the same field.

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